Pet Grooming Guide While Going For a Vacation

If you’re preparing for a holiday trip this holiday season, don’t leave your pets behind! Whether the puppy is a lively one, or an aged cat or maybe a more colorful pet – most times, people forget to make proper pet grooming arrangement when preparing for a vacation.

If you are planning a vacation, there are two usual pet care options – a kennel or a pet sitter. Both have their advantages and disadvantages based on the factors below:


A kennel may not help if you are the type that travels often, or you travel for the longer duration of time. On the other hand, pet sitting services or pet grooming also has to do with providing personal care for your pet in your absent right in the comfort of a familiar environment and routines. Because they are aware that they are not supposed to leave the house, your pets nervousness is gone down when they see you leave with your box.


The dogs can be very excited about the boarding experience during their early years. Cage-free boarding offers small dogs huge exercise experience and playtime with other puppies or cat – involving in cat boarding as well – it’s just like camping! But as continue to age, their strength begins to change, at this point; they feel just okay staying at home. As your pets grow older, relocating them to a different home or new surrounding can be difficult and sometimes raises their restlessness. But employing in-home care for elderly pets might offer them the close attention they require and also gives you rest of mind.


When selecting a sitter for your pet, it is necessary to employ an expert with experience and authorized for a proper pet grooming in Winnipeg. Always do a thorough check and develop a work-back plan just in case something happens or your sitter’s plan for the day changes. When assessing a pet-sitter, make a list of essential questions regarding former work experience and ask for directions. It is equally necessary to plan a ‘playdate’ involving your potential sitter and puppy. Your pet sitter should probably take a walk and then maintain some few distance behind them to watch your dog and the pet sitter’s attitude. If something goes wrong, pay attention to your instincts and keep observing.

Right Choice

Traveling with your four-legged pet can be a brilliant choice especially for those intending to take their pet through a pet grooming process, which is similar to employing a pet sitter to handle your pet. Allowing your pet play around and mix up with other animals is a significant role you should play as a pet owner because it permits him or her to associate with other animals, take pleasure in pleasant carousing, and acclimatize with changes by switching to new places. Cage-free dog boarding or cat boarding facilities make your pet to feel free and secure, coupled with the wide space for playing around. Many dogs enjoy every fun and entertainments that come with their fellow puppies at the dog race, but they equally require downtime. Ensure you get a boarding facility that offers a platform for both friendly and group activities.


An important question for any dog-owner concerning boarding or in-house care is ‘what will my dog be doing every day?’ Now this is what you should do if you seek to plan for daycare, sketch a schedule and review it with your sitter. Make sure you add up the feeding time and style of your dog, plus walk program, medical information, training requirements and routines for bedtime and playtime. Furthermore, create an emergency schedules adding needful contact mobile numbers and emergency meeting centers.

If you decide to go for a kennel, ensure you inquire from the Winnipeg kennels for outlines daily activities and roles of your animal including its association with interaction with other animal and with the Winnipeg kennel workers – and the duration and how often. It is important that the boarding facility links your pet with others of like nature and provides constant playtime exercise rotation all through the day. When observing at diverse kennels, view the number of dogs that are inside the kennel. Too much crowding can result in violent behavior, which might lead to a complicated situation for everyone including you and your dog. Before thinking of boarding, ensure your pet has taken the necessary medications, such as rabies, and provide a spay/neuter confirmation.

Whether you select in-home pet care or you go for the right kennel, you should be free to leave with the hope that your dog’s care turns into love and attention.

Healthy Pets Are Happy Pets!

A good diet for your pet is a food that fulfills all the health requirements. Fish meals are the meals meant for your pets that constitute the major proportion of health supplements for your pet animals. Biomega has remarkably advanced techniques when it comes to producing Special Quality Fishmeal. For many years, it was nearly impossible to produce to the salmon meal that is rich in quality for your pets but Biomega has converted this challenging task into a winsome task.

Fishmeal is usually produced by cooking, pressing, drying & milling of the fish or its waste. Where traditional fishmeal methods do not separate fats from the meal, Biomega made an effort to change the entire outlook of the process. We focused on not taking out the lipids and creating a free-flowing meal that contains the lipids within cell walls. That prevents the oxidation of the fat thus increasing the digestive and nutritional value for your pets. We increase the digestibility of the products by applying natural enzymes to it. Our apparatus uses such technology that no doubt has reduced production costs but maintain the nutritional value so far. In the year 2002, we launched first continuous hydrolyser thus maintaining all the benefits of a healthy diet.

A salmon meal is a special quality fishmeal that upon mixing in your dog’s food brings out some extraordinary results in your pet’s health. To start with, fish food is a diet rich in protein with an abundance of amino acids present in where the values range around 92-100. These help in keeping dogs active, healthy, and long-lived whereas dogs lacking in such diets may show weakness in their immune system or coat or skin conditions. This diet also happens to include a high level of omega 3 fatty acids, the reason why people provide fish oils in the diets of their pets. These are designed to compensate for deficiencies in every other way a pet requires in their dietary requirements. The omega 3 fatty acids that are found in this fishmeal are EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) considered the key elements in human health. Providing a balanced diet of all the essential nutrients like amino acids, phospholipids, minerals, & fatty acids like EPA & DHA, these provide optimum growth, development, and reproduction for your pets. It improves high-quality livestock in pet animals especially in breeding and young animals. The use of fishmeal in livestock feeds is able to ensure the optimizing health, cost effective production, and quality in the product.

Where Norway is the largest producer concerned with Atlantic Salmon, Biomega is the largest producer for salmon meals worldwide. Our process of manufacturing salmon meals is focused on sustainable principles of a healthy diet. Our process involves no use of chemicals and natural methods only. For the maintenance of a premium product, we ensure animal welfare, natural conditions, pure waters & a constant surveillance every time. Put your pet on a healthy and active role by supplying him with the right dietary amount of salmon meals.

Pet Grooming Hair Dryers And Tables For Dogs-dog Wanted Products

There are various grooming types of equipment like pet grooming hair dryers for dogs and table so as to provide your dog perfect grooming services. Although, we all cannot afford to visit pet grooming stores. But don’t worry if you are the one you can groom your dog by yourself but before that, you need to know much about how to groom a dog.

Before that, you need to have all the pet supplies like pet grooming hair dryers for dogs which are required for dog grooming. In order to groom the dog, you should brush his hair thoroughly. It is vital to maintaining a strategic distance from the development of mats. Hair dryers are dog consideration items that help a tonne since they dry the fur quick before it has room schedule-wise to tangle and tangle. You may surmise that a hair dryer is not a helpful dog care item to have when you routinely groom your haired puppy. Really, Wet hair effortlessly tangles and tangles contrasted with dry hair which is the reason it is key to dry since quite a while ago haired mutts quick.

If you trying to groom your dog like brushing your dog’s hair or trimming your dog’s nails can be troublesome tasks then the temperature of your dog plays an important role, yet a significantly more prominent part of everything is the place you do your grooming. You ought to have enough control of the circumstance that you can confine where the overabundance hides or nail trimmings go. A bathtub, the floor, the love seat or the entryway patio are all attempted and genuine areas for canine prepping. In any case, the reality of the situation is those pet grooming tables exist since they make the task that much less demanding. Beyond any doubt, you could prepare your canine on the floor or in the bathtub, yet risks are there will be a considerable measure of twisting around and battling on your part. What you need is a table where your puppy is set up and you have control over where all the doggie garbage goes.

Pet grooming tables are a valuable thing, undoubtedly about that yet for the one who needs to prepare their pets at home. It is accessible for all pets like for cats there is a specific set of tables and for puppies, there are distinctive ones. One of the best assets for you to shop these pet preparing tables is the web. Before you make your buys, you check dimensions and different measurements of the table painstakingly. You will likewise need to be cautious about the material, weight particulars, and thickness.

4 Top Reasons to Buy a Harness for Your Dog

Many dog owners use a collar and leash for their dog to wear for a walk. But a harness is a better alternative especially for control and safety issues. Here are four very important reasons to consider while deciding whether or not to buy a harness for dogs.

Size Matters

Large dogs can be very strong. Harnesses give you more control with your dog outdoors, in crowds and in traffic, even before your dog is trained in leash behavior. On the other hand, smaller dogs are more delicate. Compared to a collar that can put pressure on their necks, a harness disperses the pressure to the back and the body. This saves them from any unfortunate incident.


If your dog keeps pulling on the collar, it may cause neck and trachea injuries. A leash is connected to the collar at the neck but a leash attached to a harness connects to a hook on the dog’s back between their shoulders. This spreads the pressure evenly and prevents choking or injury. Constantly wearing the collar can rub or matt the fur and irritate their skin on the neck. Dogs, especially pups that are fighting the leash, or too excited, often get tangled. A strong dog might quickly wrap the leash around your legs or wrist and end up causing you an injury too. A harness prevents such accidents from happening. You can easily buy harnesses for sale online at stores such as Wet Nose Boutique.


A harness gives you more control when you are training your dog but takes the pressure off his neck (unlike a collar). While a collar puts the dog ahead of you encouraging pulling, a harness naturally positions the dog at your side. It gives you more influence as well as makes the dog learn to associate the harness and leash with the pleasant experience of going on an outing with you.

The harness allows for more balance and a physically balanced dog is easier to train and form a bond with.


Some dogs don’t like any restraint and constantly keep yanking and pulling at the collar. They may even uncollar themselves or get tangled in the leash, causing injury to you as well as themselves. A harness that fits your dog well and is fitted properly on the dog is not easy to wriggle out of. Harnesses also attach well to car seat belts to keep your dog safe during driving.

Know the Benefits of Buying Designer Accessories For Pets Online

Being a dog owner is no less than being a mom: like humans dogs also need love, care and affection. However, due to availability of designer clothes and accessories for dogs and cats now-a-days they’re used to of and need all the luxuries like a separate bed, dining chair, stroller and everything else possible to comfy. These luxuries are not easily available in local stores and mostly found in shopping malls or special shops for animals. A simple way to get rid of this problem is to order pet supplies online. Here are some additional benefits of buying animal accessories and apparel online-

Get more time with your pet- nothing can be more amusing than ordering food and other essentials like designer dog carriers, leashes, harnesses, strollers and more for your pet while playing with and having him in your arms. You don’t need to leave him alone at home and re able to spend every precious minute with him. This is very beneficial for office goers who take care of their pets alone.

Save Time and Money- ordering pet supplies online helps you save a lot of time and money: you don’t need to spend hours in the shopping mall and then in the billing queues instead just browse through a few online stores and order your favorite designer pet accessories in a few clicks. It also helps in saving your money as you don’t need to spend any extra amount on the car fuel or gas as you receive all the deliveries at home itself.

Convenience- online shopping of dogs essentials like dog carriers, strollers and harnesses provide the convenience and keeps from carrying heavy bags. It is very convenient and beneficial for elder people and those who’re physically challenged.

Variety- from pedigree to all the essentials of a dog like designer dog carriers, leashes and harnesses, bow ties and shoes for dogs and collars one can find everything they’re looking for. You can browse through an array of products without getting tired and see all the specifications and technical details while sitting on a couch or lying in the bed.

Gifting and Donating- besides just ordering essential pet products for your dog, it feels good to do some charity for the needy. If you know a family in need of some baby or pet products and can’t afford in bulk, order some items online and ship it to anyone, anywhere and attach a little note to let them know you care. You can also donate second hand designer pet carriers, leashes and harnesses to your favorite rescue group or shelter without leaving your pup alone at home.

Comparison- last but not the least, shopping online allows you to compare prices of different suppliers and buy the one with minimal price. It is highly beneficial while purchasing dog food in bulk as many online sites offer huge discounts.

Wet Nose Boutique is a leading online store offering a wide range of accessories, strollers, collars , harness and other utility products for pets.

Things to Know about Hiring House Sitters for Pets

Do you need to travel often? Do you remain worried for your household? Hiring an organisation consisting house sitters might just be the ideal solution for you. Following is a brief about the process.

  • Getting acquainted – If you are looking for a suitable person to care of your home and pets while you are out for a leisure trip, then hiring a sitter for your pets might just be what you are looking for. You are provided with a list of sitters who have expressed an interest in your assignments. You can choose the right one after you make necessary checks. This is beneficial for both them and you. You can choose the profile you are interested in along with the house sitter getting to promote himself while he applies for helping you out with your pet.
  • Profiles – Most of the sitters are retired, and house sits for fun, excitement adventure while the rest take it as an avocation. Some simply require an accommodation and are looking for an alternative to a rented place. There are professional sitters who might assist you free of cost if you are away from home provided that it is for a short duration of time.
  • The Process – These assignments differ from time to time where it changes according to the needs of the owner. The task often involves the individual coming over to live in your house while you enjoy your outdoor travel peacefully. Your sitter would ensure that your home is secure and being a trustworthy individual, they take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of your home and other belongings. Most sitters do not get paid for taking care of your pets while you are away. In exchange for taking care of your pets and the house, all they expect is a place to live in while they help you with a favour.
  • The owners get benefitted – You can come back anytime you want without having to think about the hassle if you had a tenant thus giving you an enormous amount of flexibility. Pet care is often the primary concern for you when you are leaving your home before travelling. This is done away with by the arrival of a sitter as they care about your pets and lessen your anxiety. It is better to have someone live at your abode rather than someone dropping by and checking periodically.
  • Take up house sitting – If you want to house sit, there are several opportunities for you. Few things are there you have to keep in mind. You do not get to house sit endlessly for someone, and therefore, it is essential for you to have a permanent accommodation before you start with the task. You must have a caring attitude towards pets as they are often the primary concern of the owner and therefore experience does help you get assignments.

Important Tips to Remember When Buying Pet Food

There are many things that you should keep in mind while buying food for your animal friend. Here are some of the points that you should keep into mind:

Don’t Just Focus On the Nutritional Value

If it consists of the kind that makes your puppy waggle its tail or parakeet thumping its legs joyously and making some pleasant sound, then there are chances that you might overlook the most important aspect: nutrition. If you will pay too much attention on the taste rather than the nutrition, it will prove to be harmful to your animal friend in the long run. So it is always better to buy it only after a through consultation with your Vet. Providing them too much of sweet or other flavored items with preservatives is just like feeding your baby too much of chocolate just because he likes it. In the long run it can prove to be dangerous to the health.

Don’t Change It Just Because the Other Brand Is More Nutritious

Another thing to keep into mind is that while in some packages may present too much nutrition to be ignored, they might not be suitable for the digestive system of your et. Many people, while shopping for just buy a product because to promises more nutrition than the previous one. The result is that all of a sudden it has to encounter the ingredients that is alien to its digestive system and biological ambiance. That can be annoying or at times even hazardous for their health. So it is best to choose a brand and type and stick to it. Even if you would like to replace it with something that seems to be more nutritious you should fist consult your vet.

Avoid Artificial Ingredients

Many manufacturers provide highly fashioned ingredients that is appealing to the eyes. This kind uses too many coloring agents. Preservatives and other not so good ingredients to give the it a glossy, appealing texture. However you should make sure to check the ingredients for the names like Yellow 5, Red 40 or Blue 2. Of you find any of such names there is a legitimate reason for putting the pack back on the shelf. There is a simple logic to it. We human beings have been exposed to chemicals preservatives for a very long time but still they affect our health. So these animals and birds are not even used to all these chemicals. These artificial chemicals will do some nasty things to their body system. At times it can also risk their life.


It is also worth mentioning that as your baby grows to become an old man, you animal friend too grows up. So it is better to consult your vet regarding changing its nutritional requirements to support the biological and mental development. You can check with them beforehand about the different milestones when you should consider changing the it and follow the advice accordingly.

What To Do in Each Stage When Planning Puppy Training Schedule

First thing crate training (At age 2-3 months)

The puppy crate is the puppy safe and secure den. A lot of people call the puppy crate as a as “doggie jail.” Remember that this is wrong and not the way the puppy will see his crate. Maybe at the beginning he might be a little upset to have his space limited, but it won’t take a lot of time until he start going into his crate on his own.

When your puppy will get used to his crate, it will be much easier to take him for trips in the car, or to the vet.

Puppy Housebreaking Training (At ages 2-3 months)

At the age 2-3 months your puppy won’t have control on their bladder. There are breeds that will learn to control their bladder in a few months and for some it might take even longer. This is why housebreaking training should begin from day one, the minute you bring your puppy home. If you stablish the right patterns at the beginning your puppy will learn to control his bladder as fast as possible.

There are different methods to housebreaking training, using a crate, an ex-pen, a doggy door leading to a small yard, or a litter box.

Learning That You Are the Pack Leader (At ages 2-3 months)

Your puppy must understand that you are the pack leader in your family. All the decisions are made by you, what is O.K and what isn’t. Clipping nails, grooming, and giving medicine, putting on a collar and more. You have to decide what is necessary and what O.K.

Nipping and Biting (At ages 2-3 months)

A lot of puppies that were taken from their mothers in a young age (younger than 7 weeks) tend to play more roughly. Your job is to take over from where his mother left off and start teaching your puppy how to act and to learn to restrain himself.

Remember, you must be the one that sets the limits for all the behaviors good or bad.

Your Household rules (At ages 2-3 months)

You need to start from the first day and teach your puppy which behaviors are acceptable in your house and which behaviors aren’t. Is he allowed to play with the toilet paper? To get on the furniture? Is he allowed in the kitchen when you are eating? Is he allowed to eat you’re the newspaper? Can he steal socks from the laundry basket? Is it OK to sleep on your bed with you?

You need to decide on the household rules! You need to be completely consistent about what you have decided. There is no need in any special command “No!” and “Good!” will serve you well enough, but only if you have taught those words properly.

Most of the people think a training schedule would be much harder for an older puppy….but it isn’t. It doesn’t matter if your puppy is 3 months old, 6 months old, or 9 months old, it’s always the order of training.

It might be a bit more difficult to train him but if you keep working and doing the routines, taking control and training the puppy as you needed it won’t take long until the puppy is well trained.

Remember house training a puppy takes a lot of time, it’s not an easy task but it’s very important, if you train your puppy right you will have a well behaved older dog that will be easy to handle but if not, you will end up with a big fluffy 40 kg beast around the house that not listening to you and does whatever he wants.

Things to Do Before Boarding Pets

Cat boarding and dog boarding can feel overwhelming when we think about putting our beloved pets in the hands of someone else. But, being away from time to time is natural, and whether you’re on vacation, need to be somewhere for work, etc., chances are at some point, you’ll have to make a decision to put your pet in someone else’s care for a short time. Thankfully, dog kennels are more professional and more secure than ever before. There is actually a growing demand, not only or boarding pets, but for kennels to be classier and more sophisticated than they have been in the past.

Because of these high demands from pet owners, more and more kennels are taking notice, and offering additional services. In Winnipeg, you can even find pet grooming in most kennels. But, as a pet owner, there are a few things to think about before you consider boarding for dogs or cat, to make sure their stay at the kennel is as happy, stress-free, and comfortable as it can possibly be. Let’s take a closer look at what you can do before boarding your pet, to make for a better experience for everyone.

First, it’s important to find out what variety of food the kennel you’re looking at offers to the pets that stay there. Some pets have allergies, are on special weight-control food, etc. Luckily, most kennels are happy to let you provide your own food for your pet during their stay.

It’s also important to make sure that your pet is up to date with all of their health and medical examinations. Some dog kennels won’t let a dog into the facility if they haven’t received vaccinations, and even ‘a kennel cough’ shots. Kennels nowadays want to make sure every pet that stays within their facilities is healthy, so they don’t become a risk factor to the other animals staying there. Most kennels will also have a veterinarian on staff at all times, just in case any animal happens to get sick, in a case of emergencies, etc.

Finally, check out the kennel you’re considering as much as possible before actually sending your pet there. Thanks to the Internet, it’s easy to check out the credentials of most kennels. This includes reviews from other people, which can be extremely helpful and insightful. If a kennel gets consistently negative reviews, it might be a good idea to avoid sending your four-legged friend there while you’re away. Most kennels will also allow you to visit ahead of time, so you can make your own determinations on whether or not you feel comfortable with their facilities.

Leaving your dog or cat in the care of a kennel doesn’t have to be a daunting situation, as long as you’re confident you’re making the right kennel choice, and you’ve prepared yourself, and your pet as much as possible ahead of time. That way, you can feel comfortable leaving them for a short period of time, and enjoy your time away without worrying.

Invest in Horse Treadmill

Everyone knows that being on the treadmill is highly beneficial for your health, but also for improving fitness level, getting in shape and feeling better overall. Treadmills are not suitable just for people, as animals get to benefit from them as well and horse treadmill is actually highly beneficial for young racehorses, but also the ones that go through a recovery period. It is important for horses to exercise without getting injured, preferably in a controlled environment and for a period of time that you can choose, starting with a shorter one and increasing it progressively. A horse exerciser can be custom made by manufacturers.

There are companies that manufacture horse treadmill to meet desired specifications and the age and size of the horse, depending if it is an adult horse, young one or even a pony. The horse exerciser should be positioned in an easy to reach area, where the horse can exercise on a regular basis. It is important to look for a provider that uses high-quality materials, to avoid any injuries and increase the horse’s performance and health. In the end, this is all it is about and the purpose of why horses exercise. Horses are able to reach a better athletic performance while being on the treadmill, as their heart rate improves as well.

When riding horses and put them to exercise, injuries are a main concern, as you cannot always control the horse and set a perimeter from the beginning. This is not the case with the horse treadmill, because it is positioned in the stable or anywhere possible and the horse has easy access to it. Trainers will stand by their side, tracking their evolution and monitoring their condition. At the beginning it is normal for horses to get tired faster, breath heavier, but in time they will improve their condition. Using a horse exerciser, trainers are able to witness improved results day by day, until horses completely recover or are able to get on the tracks.

As a matter of fact, even studies have been conducted to verify if a horse treadmill makes a difference in a horse’s performance and if results can be measured. Results showed that notable differences existed and these training tools are highly beneficial, for both horses and trainers. It is even more convenient when you are able to find a horse exerciser and manufacturers that can build them according to your specifications. They are able to help you determine what works best, take measurements and help you decide upon materials and type.

Aldershot Equestrian Horse Technology is a good example of such a manufacturer and you can discuss the necessary aspects before making a purchase. It is hard finding treadmills for horses already built, especially since you might not know exactly what your horse needs and which is the suitable size, how much space is required and such. Ordering a custom made one provides a better alternative.